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    Dr. Sexton seeks to treat the whole person...

    Experience a naturopathic approach to health!

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  • Testimonials

    "Michelle and I worked together in her project about the migratory properties of monocyte cells isolated from humans naïve and non-naïve to Cannabis. Her work was very professional and serious to me. I also would like to mention how pleasant it was to share work time with her, a person with an excellent sense of humor and always positive. I strongly recommend Michelle for any professional position, with the strong conviction that she will fulfill all expectations. "

    "Dr. Sexton is a great doctor. She's caring, compassionate and well worth the small price for a thorough exam and work up. Dr. Sexton treats the entire body as a whole and spends extensive time listening and connecting with her patients.

    I have never spent more than 15 minutes at any MD office which is simply not enough time to evaluate health. Dr. Sexton takes 45 minutes or more to really do an in-depth consultation.

    MDs treat the symptoms and not the cause. This is often not good medicine and not the way I want my health conditions treated.

    I would rather know what causes my health problems and correct that issue, instead of masking symptoms with costly big pharma drugs.

    Thank you Dr. Sexton for bring compassion back to medicine!"

    "Dr. Sexton is the best doctor I've ever seen. She is very compassionate and caring. My appointment with her was the best experience I've ever had. She does a great job explaining things to you. I am peri-menopausal and most doctors would have started giving me hormones and things that just wreck havoc on your system. Dr Sexton recommended a lot of things such as diet, exercise and herbal treatments to help. I love that her first recommendation were free!

    Dr. Sexton will be mine and my husbands primary healthcare provider as soon as we move to the San Diego area."